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Eilat, Israel's southernmost resort city on the shores of the Red City is a place of endless sun, relaxing beaches, water sports, seafront bars and restaurants, a lively nightlife and great shopping opportunities. The city offers numerous activities for all ages such as Red Sea diving , camel tours, adventurous and beautiful desert treks, swimming with dolphins and more. Welcome to Eilat!



Dan Panorama
Recommended 5 star hotel!

Astral Seaside - 4 star
( ex Galei Eilat ) 


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Name Of Hotel in Eilat
Dan Eilat  TOP CLASS! Super Deluxe Category
A self-contained vacation paradise located on Eilat's striking Red Sea beachfront.
Dan Panoramarecommended! 5 star 
Overlooks Eilat's lagoon just a few minutes walk from the relaxing North Beach.
U Suites Hotel, Eilat ( ex Le Meridien )
The hotel’s 245 suites overlook the shimmering waters of Eilat's Red Sea bay.
Magic Palace
The ultimate family vacation experience, offering the best of all worlds in a single family vacation.
Leonardo Club Hotel Eilat - All inclusive hotel!  
(Ex Golden Tulip Club)
All inclusive accommodations include fine food and a professional entertainment staff.
Magic Sunrise Club - 5 star All inclusive
A luxurious vacation village situated between the desert and sea.
Prima Music newly renovated
144 luxurious guest rooms, all facing the magnificent Red Sea, with a clear blue swimming pool.
Crowne Plaza  
The renovated Crowne Plaza Eilat hotel, located on Eilat's Promenade across from the Lagoon’s beaches. 
Astral Seaside  - newly renovated NEW
Located on the sunny northern beach of Eilat, recently renovated with 96 rooms.
The newest and most spectacular themed hotel complex in Eilat.
Totally renovated - 278 modern rooms,overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Eilat Bay.
Isrotel Lagoona - all inclusive
Everything you want is already included in the price:
Meals, drinks, ice-creams, cakes and so much more.
King Solomon
Isrotel King Solomon is a family hotel that offers a busy atmosphere of endless activities.
Riviera Club Hotel ( apartments hotel )
A high-quality apartment hotel, which is quiet and suitable for everyone's budget.
Royal Beach
A holiday beyond your imagination in the most luxurious hotel in Eilat.
Royal Park Eilat - suites for families
Ideally located at the north beach of Eilat, a walking distance from the city's various attractions.
An all inclusive sports hotel in Eilat - mix relaxation and activities, rest and exertion.
Leonardo Plaza ( ex Sheraton )
A deluxe resort located on the Red Sea offering private beach and watersports facilities.
Caesar Resort  
Located near the marina on Eilat's lagoon, enjoying panoramic views of the mountains and the Red Sea.
Hilton Queen Of Sheba 
In the heart of Eilat, with Red Sea views and a 2-minute walk to the beach.
Yam Suf ( ex Ambassador )  - part of the Isrotel chain located by Coral beach
Princess - 5 star - Ranked among the world's finest hotels.
Adi Hotel  111 rooms – each with a spacious balcony 
Astral Topaz - Located in the center of Eilat -  only a five minutes walk from the beach.
Astral Village -   located on the North Beach, by the marina.
Astral Briza -   Central location - family hotel
C hotel 150 rooms, near the beach, duplex rooms for families, and a large swimming pool.
Nova - 127 two-room suites and 67 large one room studio suites.
Leonardo Resort Hotel, Eilat


Most Recommended Five Star Eilat Hotel!


5-star Super Deluxe


Great Value

U Suites ( ex Meridien ) 



Magic Palace 


 All Inclusive

Leonardo Club
Meals, drinks, cakes, extras are included in the price

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