Isrotel King Solomons Palace
North Beach, Eilat 88000, Israel

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If you are planning to visit Eilat for your holiday,
Isrotel King Solomon gives you entertainment on a royal scale.

The children are kings and the parents relax!
Isrotel King Solomon is a family hotel that offers a busy atmosphere of endless activities.
The jewel of the crown is the Kids' Kingdom. Of all the hotels in the Red Sea area,
Isrotel King Solomon is offering the largest selections of attractions for children in
an Israeli hotel.

A jamboree, arts and crafts workshops, computer rooms, games, activities, scenes from fairy tales, disguises and toys. All in a safe surrounding and under professional supervision.
Exclusive treats and relaxation, prestigious restaurants, shows and entertainment.
The children are well looked after and you can rest your mind.
A real holiday. Relaxation. The Isrotel King Solomon Hotel. Your kingdom.


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King Solomon's Palace Eilat Hotel, Isrotel